Andrea Ft. Mario Joy - Miss California (suprafive Remix) New

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Andrea Ft. Mario Joy - Miss California (suprafive Remix) New

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Publicat pe 03-04-2020

Suprafive new video

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Au trecut 9 luni de când Andrea a lansat pe YouTube piesa “Miss California”, alături de Mario Joy cu Suprafive new video la productie. Iată că după tot acest timp “Miss California” se află încă în urechile ascultătorilor. “Miss California” nu este singura colaborare pe care Andrea și Mario Joy o au împreună. Ei au mai colaborat în trecut pe piesa Miss California 🎶🎶⏩” care a înregistrat 145.345 de vizualizări pe YouTube și 0 de interacțiuni pe Facebook. O altă colaborare a lor fiind pe piesa “Miss California ❤️️” care a înregistrat 32.261 vizualizări și 0 interacțiuni... și lista continuă. Mario Joy s-a lansat în muzica pop românească, actuală, cu piesa “California” care a fost publicată acum 4 ani şi care a înregistrat până în prezent 16.855.407 vizualizări.

This it`s an online video, with hired model girls. In this model music video you don`t see the real Andreay.If you want to watch videos with Andrea, search for videos here on the channel `Jhaps Records`. Thank you for watching! The videos are Soledad, Miss California with Mario Joy, Amor peligroso. Watch and enjoy! BOOKING & Licensing: +40741067203, Manager: Ionut Bejinariu (C) JHaps Records Andrea online: Biography Andrea She has been known in the Balkan area for over 10 years, her songs played everywhere, most of them being made by Costi Ionita along with other international producers. She also collaborated with Shaggy, Serdar Ortaq (same as Otilia), Bob Sinclair, Edward Maya and Azis. Some of her successful songs were `Samo Moi`, `Come en opa`. She has received over 30 awards over time, beign recognized for her work and fame. In different countries people are writing wrong as Andreia andreea andrea bulgaria andreateodorova andrea costi dokrai, dai mivsichko, haide opa, uptrebena sahara blonda Mario joy new english songs deep house dance music best boosted remixes car 2020: California Miss California Gold Digger Ganja Cant get you Highaway of love Alone secrets Glamour girl Bad Habit This song its related to:ANDREA - Dai Mi Vsichko / АНДРЕА - Дай Ми Всичко,ANDREA - Nai-velik / АНДРЕА - Най-велик,ANDREA - Haide opa / АНДРЕА - Хайде опа,Andrea - Amor Peligroso,Andrea - Vitamin,Otilia - I don`t know,Otilia - Diamante (Y3MR$ Remix),Otilia - Sweet paradise,Andrea - Love is mine You enjoy viewing the video with playboy girls, playboy playmates, but not from playboy edition. The playboy girls we used from other videos that they made. Videos made for other reasons. #share #subscribe #comment Our record label its founded in 2010. Our artists are Otilia, Mario Joy Andrea Baga banini Robber Dj, PARA DEEP Dj Crazy Goat, Peppa Dj, Amor124 During the past years we produce and make many colabs for El Andariego with Amor Malsano, Asher Oh Na Na type of song, we can say about Remady & Manu-L with L.I.F.E. Out of nowhere Isabela with Isabela song become hit on Roton music yt channel. We worked in the past years with producers of Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers Martin Garrix, Camila Cabello with She Loves Control english song, Alan Walker with Live Fast remix made by Bentley Grey. We can forget about Britney Spears with Womanizer, Shakira with Don`t bother. From Italy, we can say about Gianni Pirozzo with Sei come il mare or Aldo Ranks Sacude La Tanga, Slza with katarze For the Romanian market Inna remains the best artist and Yalla was one of the most popular songs. Tranda dubii was a big hit, MINISTARKE with Moje Jedino. Eva pop tocame spanish trap song with Otilia Adelante from Y3Mr$ was big hits. About the french market with REYZS and Emmène-Moi Romy Angelo french song. Deep house like Dapa Deep Leusin with Glance track or Dapa Deep with Monee So cold. So much work for Remady Manu-L with L.I.F.E and Amor peligroso the remix made by Md DJ, Rvfv in colab with Bandaga on the song Ella No Quiere Rosé, Bob Sinclar, Akon for the english song Til The Sun Rise Up or Massari with Loon Smile For Me. we loved to work for Genc Prelvukaj with Dilema also. We made remixes from Dua Lipa don`t start now, Psychical and Break my heart, Rosses Saint JHn, Roddy Rich The box, we count us through popular remixes from Tones and I with dance monkey best hit ever. We made also for Weeknd blinding lights and sent demos to Post Malone, J balvin Bad Bunny & Drake in their style. We loved also SkennyBeatz Remix from Bilionera new remix, also arabic Khalouni N3ich made by Yusuf Ekşioğlu and for Yeh Kali Kali Ankhein. Our goal to make online games and internet games, of course, internet free games, only a few people want to pay money for pro paid memberships, we gonna make all that internet games videos for you, you will know how to learn to play. Our next plans its audiobooks and books online, or TV online, because the people are tired of Netflix or HBO. We have videos with playboy girls, playboy playmates, but not from playboy edition. The playboy girls we used from other videos that they made. Also if you want to play the piano, guitar or violin we will show you videos with an app from Google Play that make a lot of fun from it. Some of the videos are not on Jhaps Records, are worked with models, usually beautiful sexy girls for hot summer 2020. The models that play in the music video usually are very sexi girls. Also, in 2020 are many exotic places and perfect to film all that good looking sexi and very attractive women. Andrea Ft. Mario Joy - Miss California (suprafive Remix) New
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