Anna Lesko - Anicyka Maya (Music) + Versuri

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Anna Lesko - Anicyka Maya (Music)

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Publicat pe 06-09-2011

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Au trecut 9 ani de când Anna Lesko a lansat pe YouTube piesa “Anicyka Maya”. Iata că după tot acest timp “Anicyka Maya” se află încă in urechile ascultătorilor. VERSURI Every time with you, it's like a blease every vord you say is full of sence only i can bro'in to your vorld god my now my love is gatting could Hop..... Hop...... It's gatting over kier now... I need your arm's arround and hold me tidet Hop... Hop... I really want to hier this Ou... Ou.. Ouuuuu... day and nightwe go crazy surtching for miss lady'Anicyka Maya' She's a hard different russa surtching for a lover in America 2. you re the right guy your really my tipe you just like in my dreams let's go in my car to watsch the stars I feel concection between I'm so tired babe I travle all night just to be eith you, so hold my tided kiss my lips you take my breath away i'm so frustred of your love today

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