Irina Rimes - My Favourite Man - Na-no Remix + Versuri

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Irina Rimes - My Favourite Man - Na-no Remix
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Publicat pe 11-10-2017

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A trecut un an și 7 luni de când Irina Rimes a lansat pe YouTube piesa “My Favourite Man”. Iata că după tot acest timp “My Favourite Man” se află încă in urechile ascultătorilor. VERSURI My favourite man has left long ago But he left his close and everything by the door. I didn't touch them, I just stared at them all day long. No one even come and took them away from home. My favourite man left long ago. [x4] Cause it's all that is left Of my beautiful man I don't want to forget him. I don't even know if I can. When my memories are sunk Cause my favourite man Cause my favourite man has run away. My favourite man left long ago. [x4] Baby, I don't want you back But I miss you like hell And I miss the love that we had .. don't understand But I really, really would like to see once again. My favourite man left long ago. [x4]

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