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Mario Joy - California

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Publicat pe 23-03-2016
Marius Nicula Dumitru

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Au trecut 4 ani de când Mario Joy a lansat pe YouTube piesa “California” cu Marius Nicula Dumitru la productie. Iata că după tot acest timp “California” se află încă in urechile ascultătorilor. VERSURI I wish i was born .. na na ... in California I wish i was born .. na na ... in California Your body girl .. damn .. is hot like California Like California sun Don't wanna wait No no i don't wanna wait So lay down down on me I'll let you play with my body I wanna feel you feel you right now Kiss you all over and over you know You're my fantasy ... fantasy .. baby let me love you let me love you I'm goin back to Cali goin goin back to cali I need a vaca I got my linen and my bally's fresh head to toe beach house up in the valley Bout to tear the club up vip u in the alley Waiting just to get in me I'm just living All these pretty woman by tonight I'll be be swimming in em Yes I need her vision is a blur She hotter then wearing a fur in the summer,word! This just occurred I she lookin at me like she want me so i am hers I'm about that action like a verb I'm here for 24 hours baby please make it work!

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