Trooper - Destin (stefan Cel Mare - Poemele Moldovei)

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Marina Taules: BUAAAAAA CHAVAAAAAL ME MEO, pobres las de Everglow la de mierda que les van a echar encima por culpa de los productores 🙈
Kim Andreea: Everglow:))))
xonedetails: everglow?????
Luna Love: 𝒲𝑒𝓁𝓁 𝒹𝑜𝓃𝑒 𝒴𝓊𝑒𝐻𝓊𝒶 𝑒𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓉𝒶𝒾𝓃𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉
anjell marca: the goodbye song of everglow is art <3 , I don't find it plagiarism
Army :3 7u7: everglow
Lily Masters: Everglow plagiarism haha
Adriana D.: No mames si suena igual a "Adiós" xdxd
A. Iordan: Wtf
GlobaL Good: EVERGLOW?
Chocodonna_ROBLOX_DonnaVeSu *: *Like si vienes de Don sha sha (0u0)*
Isabella Ramirez Londoño: Oh god i came her cause everglow bc well i like everglow but men i think they need to give to you an apogalize because of the plagiarism but this is a very good song bad for everglow this plagiarism is going to put the name of everglow dirty.
Kim Anne: Everglow.
Rayhan Manoban_: Everglow😂
kwon___ eMJi: I hear like everglow . thats shit agency. I hope they make apologize
UCCI _: Adios😌
Bring it's On: Everglow
Poppy Tanti: Everglow - ADIOS like a Trooper - destin OMG😬😬😬
Josecito Cruz: Like si se parece un poco everglow
Zhimi: Este es el autentico <3, muy buena rola
Husense ID: Oh shit, this song is copy adios -_-
J K: Party Pooper
Andrea laquetejodecadames jzjzjz: wow ... I really didn't expect the song "adios" to be a plagiarism ... I came looking for copper and found gold
BABE KEY: hey guys do you like Adios? ha ha ha ha
Gabriel Andia Martinez: El único comentario en español XD Like si viniste por Everglow :v
Princess Marshella Horman: Metal>>>>pop
D & S: ne vedem la buzau pe 20 septembrie
a jun ice: oh, everglow
Israel Boss: No crean que estoy aquí por "Adiós" 😂
Yotzin Marzel BRINK ONCE STAY: é o mesmo que a música da everglow, acho que gosto mais dessa
FOREVER InSomnia Jay Soh:
SUGArYEOL: Mix : Everglow -adios Trooper -destin And Mago de Oz -fiesta pagana
judy: deci am ajuns aici pentru ca am auzit ca Everglow a copiat piesa,,, sincer nu e vina lor pentru ca stim ca nu au foarte multe de spus in legatura cu propria muzica, e vina companiei. oricum, sunt asa fericita ca am descoperit piesa asta originala, care imi place de 100 de ori mai mult!
john paul cana: plagiarism is everywhere just like what I heard in one of kpop mv -You know what I mean
reddit is my life: guys please keep in mind everglow does not write and produce their own music im also very sorry this happened to you i hope you can get this sorted out you do great music have a nice day
Mari Ojeda: omg boys, so sorry, the producer of Everglow played dirty :(
Ahmad Curry: Both everglow and this song are good 👍
Carolina Muñoz: NOOO EVERGLOW 😔
Magui Morales: Llegué aquí por el supuesto plagio de Everglow con "Adios"
Jasmine Phan: Omg, it’s fucking the same as adios
Manuel Gonzalez: Everglow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you shit
Marcos: Nice song BTW.
hachim mm: มาจากeverglow
Stefania Sorescu: Am fost mare fană a piesei încă de acum 9 luni, dar sunt curioasa ce părere au băieții despre "versiunea" fetelor.
Victor Park: A lot of people do many copyrights to another groups or solo artists, EVERGLOW copy too KIll This love, it's sad cuz they are so talented, producers you play so dirty, MOMOLAND it's a copy of their own songs and other songs they copy emergency of Icona pop, in i'm so hot and no one get angry yo them, its CRAZY This!
Arifah Mukhtar: shame on you adios’s producer , u make our girls dirty :((
Ximena Huallpa: well, everyone is talking about the plagiarism. but another thing is that I started to follow this band, I am impressed, now I love them thanks to everglow lmao
dandelion niez: Tf so Everglow - Adios is plagiat
rosah risah: Mirip bangetttt gils
STAN THE BOYZ: Goodbye au revoir adios
Cristina Mihaiu: le ador si le sustin pe fete si chiar imi pare rau pentru ce a facut producatorul
Uchu Unnie: adios
Apex05: Se vede inspiratia de la Iron Maiden
Apex05: Who's here because they like the song and not Everglow?
Kim Bote: This vid got a higher views because of the issue lol
ampa: Everglow didn’t do plagiarism and the producer confirmed
Forever Blink DPE: Adiós de everglow se parece mucho a esta song :00
Chelsea Sydney: Knowing how the kpop industry is, I hope this doesn't taint their group image
Seol Berri: Uh oh, Everglow's producer did something baddd
Glenn Sentry: gagi potek hahaha producer ng everglow
Barack Obama: Goodbye ovários :)
Prince Racasa: the producers found a song that is "not that popular" that's why they plagiarized it. BUT DUH THEY'RE MAKING THIS MORE POPULAR HAHAHA at least we know who the real owner is. THIS SONG IS COOL BTW. don't blame everglow ok?
lovelynct: okay so, i'm here because of everglow adios. their company should pay for this; btw, this is a really good song
Ingrid BRIANA: friend everglow company has to answer for the plagiarism that is notorious
Michael Angelo Alegre: Missing a lot of notes compared to Everglow
J K: the second na in this song is heavily going upward and being emphasized its different from everglow
Camitchu ah: And "Destin" is actually an amazing song
Camitchu ah: The plagiarism of Everglow's producers is just shameful.
LEXY SAGE: such simple chord progression
Likey Blue: Do y’all know in order to be considered plagiarism the intersection of both song has to be overlapping exceeding certain percentage. For a 10 sec whistle melody y’all are really getting to the borderline of defamation.
Naqya Assyifa: This is not just a similarity, adios chorus is an exact copy. God. Poor trooper and everglow.
jungkook'un sevimli lady'si benim 1:23: Everglow song adios ?
Şilan Toptaş: I'll say it once again.I don't come via Everglow.If you came here by Everglow.Please go out.
Şilan Toptaş: I'm sorry but comment deleted,I don't know why :/
Yu Da V.: Es el mismo ritmo que la cancion de Everglow🤔
number8tyeight: OMG I thought I was going crazy thinking Adios reminded me of something. I can't believe it was this song of all things. 😂 never expected to hear this song again
Twice Fan: The producer said they never heard that song before. It's actually a very traditional European folk type hymn/ melody
lucas sy: This made me shocked :((( To the one who produced ADIOS, u disappointed me.
LOTTO: UPDATE: Producer of everglow said I never heard that song. It’s actually a very European Folk type hymn/ melody But Trooper song sounded like pirate shanty So it's not plagiarism Btw thanks for giving Everglow a view 🙂
Verdigris: I mean... The chorus plagiarizes a Christmas carol anyway. Anyone own the rights to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen?!
duck1988: Glad to see that Trooper is accusing Everglow of plagiarism and ruining their release while ignoring tunes like “The Pirate Shanty” and “You are a Pirate” by LazyTown. It’s a common melody. Loved you on the Romanian selection but this claim is a joke.
yeontan kim: Good song💜
Kleber Gomez: Si se parece Adios :v Pero mejor suena en Everglow xD
Tori Blackpink: Omg se parece mucho a adiós :v pero me sigue gustando más adiós :( ellas no tienen la culpa si no la agencia xd
Mr Sausage: not even close
taejin child: I love everglow. But Adios' producers should give explanation on this.
Apple: Looks like yuehua and the producers have some explaining to do
Vaughn Mercado: UPDATE: The producer of Adios said that THE TUNE was a traditional European hymn. It’s clearly not plagiarism. How about thanking Everglow for the viewS? 😉
CHEN SOLO DEBUT APRIL 1ST!🌸: What a shame to everglow’s music producers!!! They accidentally found something not that popular!! Gross
Hyun nee: I came here for plagiarism but I ended up liking the original song 💖
Zildjan Quinanahan Jaspe: Goodbye Au Revoir Adios
Mi So Park: Omg. Cam here cause of everglow
zona_1:v: Yo vine por everglow
Karolista Nicole: un grupo coreano ha plagiado su canción EVERGLOW ADios!!!
X Z: the similar melody is honestly really simple tune that gets whistled out music nowadays need to be more sophisticated to be honest
Fake Love: Un poco pero no tanto EH! Digo hay varias canciones que tienen el sonido igual y no son plagio ... XQ es mas el otro tema de everglow se parece a otro tema muy conocido
Fake Love: A cobrar platita platita
fixx: maybe the producer of adios everglow admire Trooper 😂
lamofeta turra: Ok im here for ADIOS but i love this song

Trooper - Destin (stefan Cel Mare - Poemele Moldovei)

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Aurelian Dincă

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Au trecut 10 luni de când Trooper a lansat pe YouTube piesa “Destin” cu Aurelian Dincă la productie. Iata că după tot acest timp “Destin” se află încă in urechile ascultătorilor.

Trooper înseamnă: Alin `Coiotu` Dincă - voce Aurelian `Balaurul` Dincă - chitară Laurențiu Popa - chitară Cristian Oftez - chitară Ionuț `Oscar` Rădulescu - bass Ionuț `John` Covalciuc - tobe Muzică: Aurelian Dincă Text: Alin Dincă Cor - Divina Armonie Producător muzical: Aurelian Dincă Imprimările audio au fost realizate în studiourile Trooper și Zbangaudio. Ingineri de studio si editori audio: Aurelian Dincă și Nicolae „Kuky” Gherman Mix & Master: Peter Rutcho Videoclip realizat de The Big Film Site: Trooper ; Site: Trooper - Destin (stefan Cel Mare - Poemele Moldovei)
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