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Byron - Annoying Detail (acoustic Drama)

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Publicat pe 24-12-2011


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Au trecut 8 ani de când Byron a lansat pe YouTube piesa “Annoying Detail”. Iata că după tot acest timp “Annoying Detail” se află încă in urechile ascultătorilor. VERSURI it's quiet, the snowflakes cover the sun the big boy buries his memories and a gun in the backyard, as someone said `keep their mouth shut and go ahead` in the morning he'll be a happy guy with no pressure on his chest, no tears to cry it's funn to fight the same war from its very first day and again to bury the dead like before then behave like nothing happened this is so insane the next day came as a surprise he felt a little older: tired enough to feel wise he laid back and lazed the whole day in the evening he realized he's not ok some annoying little detail pricked his mind those eyes he buried the last day were looking at him from the inside the horror poured in his blood at once a scream of a helpless world i heard and then i saw him bounce

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