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Byron - Blow Up My Tears

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Publicat pe 13-10-2008


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Au trecut 12 ani de când Byron a lansat pe YouTube piesa “Blow Up My Tears”. Iata că după tot acest timp “Blow Up My Tears” se află încă in urechile ascultătorilor. VERSURI walking down the land wondering which road i should take to wipe off my fears losing all i had is easeful a fresh morning awaits another dream to blow up my tears to blow up my tears falling on my feet my hopes are about to lose track of me there is no other cheek it`s just another day waiting to kiss my eyelids to blow up my tears to blow up my tears i can face all the wrong steps i had to make all the gods i grasped and then i failed to break i can lose it all again for you to leave this path i take

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