Byron - Wall Of Shame (live Orchestra Version)

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Byron - Wall Of Shame (live Orchestra Version)

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Publicat pe 29-03-2019


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A trecut un an și 4 luni de când Byron a lansat pe YouTube piesa “Wall Of Shame”. Iata că după tot acest timp “Wall Of Shame” se află încă in urechile ascultătorilor.

Official live video of byron performing `Wall of Shame` / live in Cluj with ALTOrchestra 100 conducted by Mircea Pădurariu From the album Eternal Return, out in Germany April 12 2019 on Universal Music Presave & preorder here: Music & lyrics: Dan Byron Mixed and mastered by Dan Georgescu Orchestral arrangement: Dan Georgescu Video edit: Laszlo Demeter byron is: Dan Byron - vocals, guitar, flute Sergiu `6` Mitrofan - keyboards, guitar, vocals Dan Georgescu - guitar Laszlo Demeter - bass Ovidiu Cristian - drums --- WALL OF SHAME Let`s drink to the dream of a better life, We`ll be all equal and safe, We`ll rise a new colorless humankind, Nice people, an entirely new race... To the bottom, till the end, Pour another one, my friend, Till my soul bleeds, till I`m free, Till I`m drunk enough to see I`m wrong, but who cares? We`ll not be the same Tomorrow or ever again, We`ll worship the most vicious murderers, assuming they saved our poor land... We`re only human, so, you see? We can`t be blamed for our family tree, Give me blood to paint my soul, I`m just a red cell in this whole Craziness lingers on the wall of shame... The trains running through the veins of the land Are carrying the people we don`t need Let`s drink to the old and the useless, We`re already too many to feed I have to cut the bullshit, mate, I mistook God for the state I left them riding till they were all gone I put them back where they belonged... Craziness lingers on the wall of shame... May the dead ones dance all night May we remember the archetype Of all the lies we have been told, All the stories from the old May the heroes remain unknown, Buried in mass graves, all alone, May we pass in a gentle way, May we see our children play... Byron - Wall Of Shame (live Orchestra Version)
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